Convert AVI to iPod Movie Formatting

December 17, 2008

Do you have a large AVI video recording file or another movie files that you would like to view with iTunes or your iPod? If so, you are not alone. Tons of users are looking for an available way to change video files to an iPod format without dropping tremendous sums of cash or time in the procedure. This used to be next to unthinkable, but gives thanks to the ultra affordable and user friendly Cucusoft iPod Converter Suite, this can be executed promptly, easily, and economically.

While many converter suites need a great deal of particularized knowledge and time spent discovering to utilise the software programs, Cucusoft iPod Converter Suite can be reduced to 5 smooth steps.

Step 1. Install and Run the Cucusoft ipod video converter.

Step 2. Choose the button “Open file” to open the files that are to be converted to iPod arrange.

Step 3. Pick Out the button “Output” to determine the output folders.

Measure 4. Press on the “Convert” button to transform the data files into iPod data formatting.

Step 5. Import the video recording to iTunes and add the file to your favorite playlist.

If you have files in a assortment of formats that you would like to change in just as easy of a procedure, Cucusoft Cucusoft iPod Converter Suite can make the action just as easy. This software can switch a assortment of data file types including MOV, DivX, MPG, WMV, and RMVB. The process is the same no matter of the type of data format, making Cucusoft an easy choice for versatile converter computer software.

How to Convert WMV to iPod Video Data Format

December 17, 2008

Many iPod users download data files in WMV format only to discover that this program is not compatible with iTunes and iPods. There are computer programs that rip picture types such as this from one data format to another, but some of these require several different transitions to get the iPod formatting. This can mean a long process, as well as purchasing two or more various softwares. Even So, with the Cucusoft iPod Converter Suite, switching WMV and other files to iPod movie format can be completed in one easy procedure with one low-cost software.

Consumers will be happy to see that this is a simple process that requires just hardly a clicks and no particularized knowledge or software program manuals. Converting your WMV files to iPod format can be completed in one intuitive action with four simple steps.

Step 1. Open the Cucusoft ipod video converter software.

Step 2. Click on the icon “Open file” to open the data files that are to be changed to iPod format.

Step 3. Choose the button “Output” to determine the output folders.

Step 4. Click the “Convert” button to transform the data files into iPod formatting.

For most consumers, a fifth measure would be to contribute the data file to a playlist in your selected edition of iTunes. Cucusoft iPod Converter Suite makes the processing of converting files this simple for a variety of formats, including MOV, AVI, DivX, MPG, WMV, and RMVB. All of these formats once involved different conversions, frequently with a extended list of intricate and even unneeded measures. Gives Thanks to Cucusoft’s innovative and user friendly program, nearly any video data format can be produced iPod friendly in one smooth procedure. That makes this a ‘required’ software package suite for each and every iPod owner.

How to Rip DVD to iPod Video Format

December 3, 2008

Would you like to be able to rip your DVD videos to your iPod Touch, but are not sure how to go about it? If you have some loved video recordings that you want to enjoy on your iPod, you are in luck. Employing the iSofter program, you can easily change your files into iPod formats without sacrificing quality or resolution. In order to change your movies to iPod using the iSofter DVD to iPod Ripper, here is a piecemeal draft that will help you get it finished.

1. Open up the iSofter Program
Start program for your iSofter DVD to iPod Ripper and insert the DVD that you want to copy. If using multi-DVD drivers, press DVD button and choose one.

2. Input Desired Settings.
Once the DVD starts running, it will display the data in the DVD window. If you don’t find the title you are searching for in the window, use the drop down menu to get more titles. Select the audio track that you want to target.

3. Check your Output Settings.
Check the output data formatting menu, and check the *.mp4 format. Click the settings button and choose the video quality you wish. Set the output path you require to apply to convert data files in. You can utilise the default or limit the aspect ratios if recognized (consult owners manual for ratios). Select “all in one file” in order to tie files together. DVD data files are normally split by chapters. If you wish to modify the splits, then choose “Custom Size”, and last enter the size of video file to split.

It’s simply that easy. Render it a few tries and before long you will be changing over your DVDs into iPod data formatting as if you had been doing this the whole time. Enjoy your videos!

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